What's on at The Madeleine Project

The Madeleine Project provides five fun days of exploring some of the serious ‘stuff’ in life. The schedule below outlines the main activities included throughout the workshop. Each activity is based on research and is designed to offer choices and skills to apply in different situations in life. For more information on The Madeleine Project, click on our FAQs tab.

Our Schedule


Enjoy the experience of awakening the body through fun poses, funny noises, playing with our breath and moving our body. Don’t underestimate the power of the poses, we explore strength in these stances. Our girls always love starting the day with yoga.

Nutrition - Breaking the myths

The media is always telling us what to eat, but are we being told the truth? From vegan to paleo diets – let’s smash the myths and get the facts. This session will examine what it means to be healthy and how food can support that state by dropping the term ‘diet’. 

How we feel is how we breathe

In this session, we will investigate what it feels like to be ‘in’ our nervous system. We will play with the feelings of ‘fight or flight’ and ‘rest and digest’ to understand, and learn, how to switch the way we feel through breath and thought. Beware…you may be asked to imagine the unimaginable.

Fixing bad thinking

“I can’t stop thinking about it..., I can’t help myself…”, “It always happens to me”, “I can’t fit in”, “I am just not the same…just not good enough…”, “I am so bad…, so weak…, so dumb…!”, “I have to… want to…need to…”, “I can’t…won’t…”

It’s time to really think about what we are thinking. We will listen to the crazy, ridiculous phrases we all say in our head and learn how to laugh them off. Let’s take control and be mindful of what we say to ourselves and let’s change our thinking patterns. 

The hardest part of the day

Are you grumpy in the mornings or overstimulated at night? You don’t want to feel lazy, tired or overstimulated, but are caught up in habits that you feel you can’t break? Changing a morning or evening habit can completely change the way we feel during the day. We will ‘experience’ different activities and plan our individual routine for these difficult times of the day. Get ready to try some crazy suggestions.

Dramatic art

It’s the small stuff that continuously runs our mind. Let’s re-enact some scenarios, play with the story and give them a different perspective. Performing arts is an amazing way of tapping into our thoughts in a subtle but profound way. Don’t underestimate ‘play acting’. It's fun, it’s inspiring, it’s empowering.

Imagine an image

With social media, and with social expectations encouraging us to present ourselves in a certain way, it’s no wonder that teenagers have a hard time trying to get it ‘right’. Well let’s take away what is ‘right’ and discover what is really good about our own uniqueness. This session brings together many of the previous discussions on thoughts, myths and perceptions and pulls apart notions of self/body image. It’s a real relief to just be comfortable with who you are.

The best apps

So, we can’t undo technology; it is here to stay. But what we can do is balance its use with apps that can ‘feed the soul’. Let’s play with a whole range of useful apps that excite us and let’s set up a supportive community that can remind us of the work we have been focusing on this week.