Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for teenage women? Do you have a male equivalent?

Our programme focuses on issues relating specifically to teenage women. We are currently researching the most effective programme for our boys. Please subscribe to our newsletter (from our Home page) and we’ll keep you posted when it is available.

Are you accepting teenagers of all ages?

As different age groups have different needs, we run two programmes: 16-18 year olds and 18-20 year olds.

Can they bring mobile phones with them?

Absolutely. While most of the day will be technology-free, we will be exploring technology as a topic: it’s benefits and pitfalls.

How do we contact The Madeleine Project in case of an emergency?

Once we receive your booking, you will be emailed a contact mobile number that is manned throughout the day as well as the details of the retreat in the Blue Mountains. We all have children and understand this concern.

Can we have an outline of the activities?

Yes. It is important to be informed on the activities and discussions over the week. Please review our ‘schedule’ page for a complete list. The teenagers will also be bringing home a completed workbook as a support tool for reference.

If we book with friends will they be accommodated together?

Yes. The programme is designed for comfort and fun (the best learning environment). Make sure you let us know on booking who the friend is.

Where is the accommodation and what style of accommodation is it?

Our next retreat will be in Kihilla Retreat and Conference Centre located in Lawson in the Blue Mountains. It is basic, bunk-style accommodation in a beautiful old 1880s guesthouse. It was specifically chosen because of the self-contained rooms within the house (not in separate cabins) and of course for the amazing view.

Is The Madeleine Project programme based on religious or Buddhist beliefs?

No. The Madeleine Project is non-denominational and each and every activity is based on research and evidence-based protocols. Our primary focus is on the most effective tools for achieving mental and physical health. 

What should they bring and do they need any money?

Comfortable clothing to engage in light physical activity and warm clothing as the nights can be quite cool. No cash is required as there is nothing to purchase. Payment includes all food, drinks, transport and activities.

What type of food will be served?

Our chef has extensive experience in cooking for large groups. Fresh, good quality, healthy meals will be supplied. You will be asked to complete a form outlining any food requirements for your child to ensure that all teenagers are catered for.

Can I get a refund once I have made full payment?

Once you pay your deposit, you have secured your position. Payment in full is then required by the stipulated date. Your deposit is fully refundable up until that stipulated date.

Is there a scholarship programme?

Yes. We understand that this programme is not affordable for everyone, so we offer one 80% scholarship in each retreat. The scholarship programme is offered at only $220. All we require for you to be considered is a letter from the school principal recommending this programme for your child. 

My child suffers from anxiety/depression, will this retreat be beneficial?

It is important to let us know if your child suffers from any mental health conditions and any further information we may need to be aware of. It is also important to understand this programme is not designed to replace psychological intervention or to treat mental health conditions. However, the programme is designed to offer a safe place for teenagers to explore many different tools to support them ‘in the outside world’. 

My child is on prescribed medication. What assistance is there to ensure they take the medication?

Please let us know if there are any medicated needs. It will be the child’s responsibility to take the medication but we will assist by reminding them on a daily basis.