The Madeleine Project


Workshops for teenagers and young women

The Madeleine Project introduces two workshop programmes designed to offer participants the experience of a lifetime. And we literally mean just that. Walk away with amazing tools that can help you de-stress, feel calm and enjoy ‘being you’. Discover 21st century skills at your fingertips.

In-house school programme

Each stage of life brings with it new expectations and new challenges. Our in-house school programme has been built by educators and delivers evidence-based content focusing on issues specifically relating to teenage girls. It is structured to meet key objectives of the Stage 5 and Stage 6 PDHPE syllabus in a fun and interactive way. 

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18-24 year old workshops

We get it … there are so many factors in life that can be stressful. Whether they’re friends, family, school, health or just life itself. So, let’s leave ALL of that behind. Come and join us for some fun, interactive ways to destress and feel happy in your own skin again. Seriously ... life is not that serious. Let us show you how.

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The Madeleine Project

The name ‘Madeleine Project’ was inspired by a series of seven novels written by Marcel Proust. The narrator’s account of how the innocent past, locked in forgotten childhood memories, is revitalised by the scent of a madeleine biscuit dipped in tea. We want to create madeleine moments for everyone by taking them back to an age of innocence when life’s stresses were unknown elements of the future.


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